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Lead Generation and Data Mining

I can identify potential  customers that are not converted yet as one that will be targeted by the Sales team.

I am confident in researching about properties or other topics and present it well through google sheets.


I know different methods to earn money using online platforms. The first one is Affiliate Marketing through Affiliate Links in online stores like Amazon Associates, Ebay, Clickbank, Zalora,  etc.

The second one is through Email Marketing. I can create marketing ads and promotional emails through MailChimp.

And lastly, through Website Selling in GoDaddy and Flippa.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Instagram)

I do in-depth analysis of the product or service before making a marketing strategy in order to market it better.

I study it, know the advantages and disadvantages of it  and narrow down the  target audience. From this, I can now create the SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY and SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR.

I can create vibrant pictures and catchy captions that will match the  product/service that I am promoting.

Since I know Facebook and Instagram so well, I can use it features fully and strategically. 

Real Estate VA

I can offer support on looking for potential buyers of properties by being an appointment setter.

I can provide good listings for clients who wants their properties to be sold and for those who wants to buy.

Facebook Ads

Since every product or service requires different method of marketing, I will analyze the product or service first before making a strategy.

I identify the target audience by answering the question “Who needs the product?”. After which I can list down all  the possible audiences. From this, I will narrow it down to top 3 groups that really needed the product or service.

I can create enticing ads visualization – good graphics and trendy captions that will attract the target audience to click the ads.

Facebook boosting is one of the best option in promoting in Facebook. I will consider the client’s budget in boosting a post.

E-Commerce VA

I know how to  create and manage Shopify account. I can list products in an orderly manner, has catchy titles and brief but informative description.

I can also apply social media strategies in promoting the product in Shopify store.

I  can offer product research too. I will search for promising items and its suppliers with the lowest possible price.

Creating  brochure, flyers and calling card is my expertise too.

Automation plus Pinterest

Pinterest helps the client’s business become visible to the public. It is accessible to wide range of audience, so linking all social media platforms and online stores here are highly recommended. I can create and manage Pinterest accounts.

In terms of Automation, I am knowledgeable in IFTTT and Zapier. I can make customized automation that is highly needed in the client’s business.

Chatbot Creation

Manychat and Chatfuel are the top 2 chatbot makers available online. I take pride that I know how to use and utilize it according to the type of business the client have.

My sample work below are screenshots of chatbots I created using Manychat and Chatfuel applications.

Video Editing

I know how to edit a video since high school using Windows Media Player. Over the years, I  learned other software that have more features and unique effects that can bring the video more appealing and professional looking. 

Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro are the tools I will be using form video editing.


I am confident in building website in WordPress since I already have experience  in creating a one from scratch when I was in high school by using HTML.

Through my training in VAU, I got to be familiarized with the tools and functions of WordPress. I can customize the design, layout and content according to client’s reference.

You can see the result through my website.


I find creating Clickfunnel fun and enjoyable because just like WordPress, I can customize my page and create my  own design.

I can build landing page for upsell, downsell, webinar, etc.

I can also connect an autoresponder in it so that replying to potential customers will be easier.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have learned the basic principles and fundamentals of SEO.

I fully understand how keyword research works and how to generate and filter keywords.

We are also taught how to build links without  triggering the spam algorithm.

Creating good SEO content by simplifying it, so that  the  spider won’t be confused. Observing keyword density and making it mobile friendly is a must.