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Hey there,

I am Nemerisza Aran, you can call me Nems for short. I am from Rizal, Philippines. I graduated Chemical Engineering at Technological Institute of the Philippines - Manila. After graduating, I work in a paint manufacturing plant for 5 years. Over the years, I lead 3 departments such as Production, Logistics and Quality Control. Overall, I need to ensure that paints are produce in time, the quality is in conformance with the company's standard and it will be delivered safely to the clients in the agreed time. Even though I worked in a manufacturing plant, I am an expert in administrative tasks since I prepare reports for my manager and CEO.

I also worked in an office based company that offers work from home set-up, so I already know the dos and don'ts of working virtually. My role here is providing Harmonized System (HS) Code to products that are eligible to be imported to a specific country (in may case, Cameroon). Price verification and documents review are also part of my job. It is mostly Logistics part as we are the third party consultant of exporters. It is my job to ensure that exporters won't have a problem in the importing country's customs.


During my spare time, I watch Korean dramas and variety shows. It helps me to release my stress in work and it's a chance for me to learn about their country, food and culture. I also love to travel and visit new places, I prefer mountains rather than beaches. I have 2 pets, a siamese and a chihuahua named Potsie and Pepito, respectively.

Why I want to work as freelancer?

Nothing beats working from home permanently.

No more commuting, meaning more savings!

More family time 🙂


I have  the freedom to have many clients as much as I want.

I am not chained to 1 employer only like my regular jobs.

BUT I am NOT GREEDY, I accept jobs ONLY if I am confident that I can deliver it in high quality and finish on time. 


As this is a permanent work from home. I  have plenty of time to spend with my family and friends. 


I can build network through freelancing, since this is not a regular job, I always need to find clients. I have to attend multiple interviews and meet new people.


There is no limit as to how much a freelancer can earn.

I am not dependent on a single source of income just like my previous regular jobs.

Since I can have multiple clients legally, I can earn more than my regular 8 am to 5 pm job.


Working on my preferred time.

I am free to choose what time work best for me.

I can also work anywhere, I just need to bring my laptop with me then I'm good.


I  can work alone with minimal supervision.

I have the authority about what I do and how I did it.


As there are many opportunities in this industry, freelancers are challenged  to UPSKILL. Learning new skills and niche are a big factor in getting new and multiple clients.

Why you should HIRE ME?

Let me share with you my top 4 qualities of being an employee...


I am trustworthy and can work with minimal supervision.


I set my goals daily and I stay focused on achieving it.


I am willing to learn new things and I can adopt easily.


I deliver high quality tasks on the agreed time scale.

What are my credentials?

Virtual Assistant & Digital Marketing Certificate

I attended Virtual Assistant University on September 5, 2022 to pursue my desire of becoming a freelancer. I finished my training last October 22, 2022. I had fun at the same time, I learned a lot from the mentors.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate

I completed the basic Lean Six Sigma Course headed by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fernandes last June 28, 2022. In here, I learned the basic fundamentals and importance of Lean Six Sigma. It taught how to solve problems using the right process.

Interview with Ms. Jorife Lugo of Virtualasting
My work from home set-up

Tools that I will be using:

- Personal Computer
- Laptop
- Noise Cancelling Headphone
- Webcam
- 40 Mbps Internet Connection

Curriculum Vitae

In case you want to see my curriculum vitae / resume, please click the button below. Thank you.