A passionate Virtual Assistant.

Hi, my name is Dima AL Omairi I'm Half Filipino and Half Sudanese and grew up here in the Philippines a competent Virtual Assistant who loves exploring and learning new skills. Professionally, I enjoy graphic designing, researching, making social media strategies, and web designing. As for my work experience, I was a 5 years video stream presenter also known as an online casino dealer, a social media expert for 1 year, an SMS marketing assistant for seven months, a part-time tournament poker live dealer until the present.

A little more about me

I'm also a model inside and outside the Philippines as my part-time job. I'm also a solo backpacker, traveler, sports-minded girl who loves extremely adrenaline rush sports and a Chinese language student. One of my mantras in life. "Life is too short". I also did some short film here's my favorite one.

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Why work with me?

Always Available

I take pride in being available and responsive to my clients. Time is very important in business and I always value the time of the client

Meet Deadlines

Every Project has a deadline to follow. I use weekly calendar and trello to organize and meet all the deadlines.

Love What I Do

I’m passionate and committed with every project I handled. I feel comfortable and happy working with what I love doing.

Let's start getting your work done!

Don't be surprise, Feel free to explore my website. Enjoy!