Camille Harley's


This portfolio contains my work output from Virtualasting: Virtual Assistant University such as graphic design, marketing ads, video editing, automation, and other more from my previous work outputs.


A Normal Day in my Life

A video compilation on what my normal day looks like. Most of the time I go to school at 10 am for my class or meet up with my thesis groupmates. At lunch time, I eat at the school cafeteria. If there’s no class, we usually go to my friend’s house just to spend time, I usually do my VAU task when there’s spare time. On the other hand, I wash my clothes in the evening with my friend  then have some dinner instead of waiting. After that, I continue my VAU task and other school stuffs when I’m back home.

Content Marketing: Air-Fryer


A 10 seconds video advertisement of an 7-Quart Electric Air-Fryer with highlighted features of the kitchen appliance and discount heads up.

Ads: Milktea Ad Video

A sample short clip from video I did when I was learning and exploring video editing. 

This video was intended for my friend’s school assignment. A commercial ad for her mock-up milktea business.

Vertical Video Compilation

Roadtrip: Bukidnon to Iligan

Dahilayan Adventure Park

A vertical video compilation of our roadtrip as we enjoyed our short vacation with my family visiting Dahilayan Adventure Park, Cagayan malls, El Salvador drive, and staying in my relative’s house in Iligan.

A vertical video compilation of our fun experience in Dahilayan Adventure Park and other places located in Bukidnon.

Videographed moments will remind us the good times we spend.

Automation Tutorial Videos - IFTTT and Zapier

These videos are automation tutorials that I recorded. Here you can scrutinize my expertise regarding how I make automation using IFTTT and Zapier.

Social Media Marketing

Here’s a compilation on my graphic designs for 7-Quart Electric Air-Fryer in regards with Facebook and Instagram marketing. These are all created using Canva.

E-Commerce: Shopify Store

A screenshot compilation of the shopify store I created for the e-commerce assignment I did in Virtual Assistant University. The images below contains banner image, catalog, collection, best seller, product sample, and the likes.

Real Estate VA

Below are graphic design I made for real estate brochure, calling card, and flyer.