About Me

Academic Experience

I was an assistant treasurer and year-level representative in our department, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE).

I was part of creatives committee where I handled multiple event preparations and used my skills in video editing and graphic design for social media announcements, e-certificates, webinars, and the likes.

I was trained as a facilitator in Silliman University Peer Advocacy Program where I facilitated team-building activities on different departments and enhanced my skills in communication.

Work Experience

I had my on-the-job training on June 2022 in a construction company, G. Uymatiao Jr. Construction. After a month of training, the company hired me as an Office Technical Staff which I do site supervision, drafting, quantity and cost estimate. I accepted the offer until September only even though they offered until December. I enrolled on VAU on July but continued my task on September after the end of my employment, hectic work schedule delayed my VA training at some point.

My part-time job experience in the company enhanced my performance on the job setting. Working under pressure is normal, just keep going. Late night company meetings is necessary, bare with it. Good decision-making is significant, think carefully. Positive work attitude is very important when you’re employed. 


Below are few of the hobbies that I love doing. Other than what’s indicated below, I also enjoy short road trips, scrolling on social media, and watching movies.

Going on adventures

Listening to music




Bonding with friends